Digital transformation streamlines business for Bach To Rock

Bach to Rock is a franchised music education school for students of all ages, from early childhood through high school and beyond, with a unique twist. They don’t just provide individual music lessons; they turn music into a team sport by creating student bands that learn to play sets, record music in a studio and perform in public.

Started in 2007, Bach to Rock is one of the fastest growing franchises in US. It is now a $25 million brand with over 50 locations opened in 18 states.

As the splendid growth of B2R continued, the existing infrastructure of the systems built around the original solutions to manage the franchises, customers and accounting systems, required an upgrade to support the ever-growing user base. It was difficult to upgrade a heavily customized ERP solution and needed a solution to drive the growth through mobile platforms.

The company wanted to modernize the legacy systems and combine the solutions via multiple platforms to a single solution. It chose EZTechStack as it partner to help it make this switch.



Our team collaborated with all the stakeholders of the company units to provide a solution that would best work across all departments. Following a mobile-first strategy, we designed a unified platform for managing schools, employees and users. A complete overhaul of the existing application meant a more streamlined accounting and inventory management processes. New DevOps practices and pipelines reduced the time for feature upgrades and rollouts to the end users. With a focus on improving user engagement and driving the growth though online registrations, we have provided a robust and modernized solutions to reduce operational inefficiencies and drive the growth.