Cloud Service Design

By studying the cloud users need and their probable consumption patterns, we design services, workflows and automation that is needed to support the needed provisioning for each of the services.

Cloud Ops and Support

Our Ops services help you run day to day & enterprise operations, optimize cloud resources, automate cloud governance, improve delivery performance and manage cloud operations in a smooth way.

Cloud Security and Compliance

Assess risk, business, compliance and regulatory requirements and develop security strategy, roadmap and plan for both planned and in-flight cloud programs

Cloud Optimization and Management

Understand organization goals, get complete picture of how cloud services are currently used and understand current cloud costs

Cloud Ops Benefits
Accelerated automation

CloudOps tools can simplify automation of a broad range of everyday tasks including provisioning servers and storage, application testing, monitoring and reporting, application builds, and security event remediation.

On-demand scalability

Seasonal or growth demands can be met with instant capacity increases, usually via self-service portal. Provisioning new virtual machines, physical servers, storage, even network bandwidth can all be done by the push of a button, enabling organizations to be more agile and meet demands head-on as they occur.

Non-disruptive upgrades

Infrastructure and software can both be upgraded or updated seamlessly, without service disruption enabling fixes to be applied or new functionality added while normal business operations continue.

Enhanced security

Major hyperscale cloud providers utilize the industry’s best physical security and constantly monitor their infrastructure to help prevent against cybercrime or data exfiltration